Goodbye to Chewy and Selling up for Our Move to Gran Canaria

We were heartbroken to have to have our darling Chewy put down last Monday. We’d had her for 17 years and she became my shadow for 15 of those years. She became so much a part of our lives, it was hard not to see her every day. I looked for her at certain times of the day when she would go through her little routines.

Our move to Gran Canaria is slowly coming together. We’ve sold about 3/4 of our furniture and what used to be my office is now an empty room.

I’ve been decluttering and donating as fast as I can.

only to have the old boxes and bags replaced by new ones.

Surfaces and cupboards are looking a little sparse

And all non-clothing items that we’re taking has been reduced to this pile on top of our bedroom dresser.

Travel requirements and entry into Spain for the cats is underway. I have all the forms that the vet needs to fill in. Lucy, our 7 month old kitten, is being spayed next week, and then at the end of the month, she’ll get her microchip (Maggie already has one) and both of them will get their shots. Once that’s all done, the vet needs to fill out a form which I need to take to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for verification and we’re done!

Hopefully, my passport will be here next week.

Still beyond excited!

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