Passport Saga – The Finale. Spring Weather and on the Home Stretch Now

Hello lovely readers. If you’ve been following this Blog, you’ll know about my passport nightmare. If not, you can catch up here and here.

As of March 16th, still no Citizenship Certificate despite my MP’s office sending 2 emails both with no response. I politely email her back and suggest that maybe it’s time for a phone call.

On the morning of the 16th I make another phone call myself. I get up at 5:30 am to do this and find that, this time, there’s only 45 people ahead of me. Yay! Even so, it still takes 30 minutes to get through to someone. I state my file number and start explaining the whole saga again, but this time I’m so overwhelmed by the whole process, that I burst into tears. I manage to pull myself together long enough to explain it all. I guess the tears helped, because the lovely lady on the phone tells me she’s going to escalate it to the office that deals with these kinds of things. I secretly shake my head at the fact that there’s a whole department dedicated to this and wonder why it wasn’t escalated earlier. She assures me that, no matter what, I will get a passport. Even if I don’t have the original by the time my appointment comes, they have procedures in place to issue me a passport in these types of circumstances.

WHAT?? why didn’t someone tell me this earlier? It would have saved me a whole lot of unnecessary anxiety.

I take deep breath and thank her for her help.

Twenty minutes later I get a phone call from said department assuring me that they have 4 or 5 people looking for my passport and that it will be found and returned to me in time for my appointment. I feel better, but, after 3 months of passport nightmare, I feel that I won’t be happy until I have my document in my hands.

Another hour goes by and I get another phone call from the passport office. Wow! Two phone calls in one day. I’m impressed.

On Friday morning, the lady from my MP’s office calls me. She’s spoken to someone at the passport office. They’ve found my document and are sending it back to me by express post. You cannot believe the relief I feel at hearing this. I wanted to hug her through the phone.

On Monday morning the doorbell rings and there stands a Canada Post employee with my Citizenship Certificate! I want to hug him too!!

I’m now excited and optimistic again for our new life in Gran Canaria.

Decluttering and selling continues. Everything’s gone except the printer, which should be sold today. It’s weird living in an almost empty house.

Michael left work a week early – after 35 years of driving a truck, it’s hard to believe he’s retired from that life. Thank goodness he did – there is still so much to do. Yesterday, I took most of our blankets and towels to the local animal shelter, and another 4 boxes to Goodwill. I’m pretty sure that’s the last of it. Today we’re going to go through all the rooms in our house one final time and then tackle the various piles of stuff in the garage – garbage and metal left, I think.

All the carpets are cleaned now except for the hall carpet.

Paperwork-wise, we need to get the cats’ paperwork endorsed by the health authority which happens on Monday, my passport – also on Monday, and our International Driver’s Licenses. I bought large envelopes to put our important papers into and then I bought a travel purse thingy that’s RFID proof, for our passports, cash, cards, air tickets etc.

Spring has finally come to Edmonton and Maggie has been out on the balcony enjoying the sunshine.

Lucy’s never been outside and she was fascinated by it all

Neil and Ella are also happy to be outside in the warm sun

Only 10 more days to go!!


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