30-day cleaning challenge-day 5

Hellooo everyone! How are you all doing so far? It’s going very well for me, except …


It seems that hubby has, er, forgotten where the dishwasher is. In fact, it seems that he’s forgotten that we don’t actually have a cleaning service. Usually he’s pretty good at doing his share of the household chores, but this past week I’ve been finding his dirty dishes on top of the kitchen counter instead of in the dishwasher, his clothes all over the bedroom floor, instead of in the laundry hamper and, oh, all sorts of small things that are starting to make me feel just a little bit like the maid. Does anyone else have this issue? Perhaps it’s time for a gentle reminder of where things are.


If you have missed day 1 of our 30-day Cleaning Challenge, you can catch up here.

Today’s task is the same as Day 1:

Surface clean living room and kitchen

This morning, my kitchen looked pretty much the same as it did on day 1 with dishes and kitchen-related things everywhere.30-Day Cleaning Challenge-Day 1

So I got to work putting things away, loaded and ran the dishwasher, washed the things that I don’t like to wash in the dishwasher (and put them away), took out the garbage, cleaned the counters, stove top, fridge and dishwasher doors (looks like somebody splashed coffee, or something there) and did a quick swipe of the inside of the garbage can lid. Finally, swept and mopped the floor and a quick clean of the sink

20 minute cleaning schedule

How to organize your Kitchen

Beautiful, yes? I think so, too. 🙂



Next, the living room. Not much to do in here – I took the coffee cups into the kitchen, wiped the coffee table, end tables and TV stand, fluffed up the throw pillows, folded a blanket and vacuumed the rug and the floor.

Living Room

Done! And now I’m off to a barbecue (it’s Canada Day here).

See you tomorrow.


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30-Day Cleaning Challenge: 20 Minutes a Day – Day 5

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