My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

This week is a clean-out-the freezer week. I have some ribs and a lovely roast that needs to be eaten soon, so this is the week to do it. I luuurve roast beef & yorkshire pudding! I didn't lose any weight this week (might be the glass of red wine every night), but I did't … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

November in Our Garden – Operation Clean-up – Porch love & a Winter Wreath

Hello everyone. It's getting chilly this past week - the kind of weather that makes you want to curl up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate. And I've been doing that. But today I got outside for some more clean up - trimmed a couple more shrubs and tidied up the … Continue reading November in Our Garden – Operation Clean-up – Porch love & a Winter Wreath

November in Our Garden – Operation Clean up – Leaves & Mowing

Hi everyone. I hope you've all had a good week. It's rained a LOT here over the last 6 days, but we got a bit of respite on Friday so after work, I made a start on raking up the leaves in our back yard and gave the Angel a little face wash If you've been … Continue reading November in Our Garden – Operation Clean up – Leaves & Mowing

October in My Garden – Operation Clean Up

These past few weeks have been extremely hectic for us with meetings and parties and Thanksgiving and birthdays ... we've been away in Vancouver almost every weekend. And on the weekends we weren't away, Tori has worked the Saturday. So, it's been all I can do to keep up with the housework, and the garden … Continue reading October in My Garden – Operation Clean Up

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Hello Vegetarian Lovers (and a few meat lovers too), How are you all? I made a concerted effort to lose weight last week and lost ... 3 lbs! I was ecstatic. After not being able to lose a thing since I quit smoking 4 years ago. I've been making better food choices on weekends and at … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Beautiful Fall

Hello everyone, We've been having the most beautiful Fall weather here, I just thought I would pop in and show you. This weekend we went to Vancouver. Vancouver is a beautiful city all year round, but the colours at this time of the year are stunning And sunsets on the Sunshine Coast I LOVE where … Continue reading Beautiful Fall

October in Our Garden – Beautiful Sunshine, Fall Flowers & a Bear

Hello gardeners and non-gardeners (I'm sort of in-between), It finally stopped raining here, so I'm hoping my brussels sprouts will recover - they are looking very unhappy indeed. I took the opportunity to get outside and putter around. I harvested the rest of the tomatoes as it's getting below 10 deg. C at night here … Continue reading October in Our Garden – Beautiful Sunshine, Fall Flowers & a Bear

October In Our Garden

Hi everyone. I hope you're all well. Well, it’s been a soggy Fall so far which is really disappointing. When I look back on photos from this time last year, it was beautiful sunshine, crisp Fall days and evenings around the fire pit with hot chocolate! Our garden is doing okaaay, but not very happy with … Continue reading October In Our Garden

September in Our Garden


Even though Summer's almost over, it's not over for our little vegetable garden. The Nasturtiums are just beginning and our (free) tomatoes just keep getting bigger and bigger and more abundant unlike the poor old tomato plant we bought at the nursery, which has only produced 3 tomatoes so far from this huge plant. Not … Continue reading September in Our Garden

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

My almost vegetarian life

It's cooled down quite a lot since my last post and it sure feels like Fall...ish. We're still waiting for our tomatoes to ripen, but the Swiss Chard is growing like a weed and I've picked enough of it to add to a stew (tonight's dinner) and one of our favourite meals - Kenyan Braised … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life