My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Hello all. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It rained all weekend here 😦 which meant I had no choice but to do indoors-y things like laundry and cleaning (uugh). But it also prompted hubby to make some delicious chocolate chip and almond butter cookies from our well-used Thug Kitchen Book, and I made … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Hello. Monday again! Well, I'm happy to say that I've lost 2 lbs this week. I haven't started Yoga yet, but that will be tomorrow (really!). I didn't get round to walking at all. My excuse was that it rained a lot. I had a chocolate bar over the weekend, but that was it. Still … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

April in Our Garden – New Buds and Junk Clean up

Wild flowers

Hello everyone. I hope the weather's getting warmer where you are. March looked promising with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, and then it all seemed to go downhill in April with rain and chilly temperatures. I haven't been able to do very much in our garden at all. Although, now we're probably not going … Continue reading April in Our Garden – New Buds and Junk Clean up

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Hello All. I realize I missed a week or two. Where does the time go? While I love to cook, I do not love to come home from work and spend an hour doing it every night (and all the clean up that goes with it). And that's what I was doing these past few … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

A Little Bit More Organization and a Fridge Clean Out

I know I've said it before, but organizing never really ends, does it? Just when I think I have it all figured out ... I never really do. I was doing a bit of a mini spring clean in my kitchen last weekend and saw a few things I could improve upon. The cupboard under … Continue reading A Little Bit More Organization and a Fridge Clean Out

August in Our Garden


Hello home-grown vegetable lovers. We finally finished all the beans and peas and pulled up the plants along with the potatoes which are now drying out in our shed. Our garden started to look a little sad and empty It's sad to think that summer's almost over, but, at the same time, I love the … Continue reading August in Our Garden

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Hi all. It's been a busy weekend! After almost two years on worker's compensation, hubby has been cleared to go back to work! Yay! It's been that long since I made lunches, and this weekend I decided to keep it simple until I could come up with more, er, creative but not too time-consuming, ideas. … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Small Space Solutions – a Place for Books and a Cozy New Living Room

Hi Guys, I know I keep saying this, but we live in a really small cottage - 650 sq. feet - and I think I'm slowly getting the hang of this small space living. One of the rooms that we hadn't really tackled since moving in, was hubby's man cave. A lot of stuff was … Continue reading Small Space Solutions – a Place for Books and a Cozy New Living Room

The Craft of Keeping House

Clean House

Like many of you, I suspect, I grew up resenting cleaning. There wasn't much explanation on keeping house at home - my mother believed that it was quicker if she just did it herself. And she was probably right. But that didn't teach me anything. When I moved out on my own, I struggled to … Continue reading The Craft of Keeping House