Beautiful Fall

Hello everyone, We've been having the most beautiful Fall weather here, I just thought I would pop in and show you. This weekend we went to Vancouver. Vancouver is a beautiful city all year round, but the colours at this time of the year are stunning And sunsets on the Sunshine Coast I LOVE where … Continue reading Beautiful Fall

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate & Mulled Wine

Hi Guys. Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good holiday and are all getting back to normal. I'm sure glad we are. I love the holidays, but it's quite exhausting. We had a very chocolate Christmas. I picked up some ideas from Jamie Oliver¬†and made this lovely, lacy chocolate It was so … Continue reading Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate & Mulled Wine

Christmas Decorations and Christmas Jam

Hi Guys! Well, I got round to putting up the Christmas tree last weekend, and then made some little tweaks during the week. The first thing was to make a simple wreath and decorate my porch a little. We have lots of fir trees surrounding our house, so I cut a few fronds, grabbed a … Continue reading Christmas Decorations and Christmas Jam

Coast Life: Moving to the Sunshine Coast

HellOooo. Well, I had this post on here in September, but I recently had a bloggy glitch and I lost a lot of my content! September was an exciting month! It was the month that we made a bold move from bustling Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver, to a sleepy coastal area known as the … Continue reading Coast Life: Moving to the Sunshine Coast

A Day Off: A Good Book, A Good Movie, A Good Dinner

  Hello everyone! Welcome to the first day of Spring! It's zero deg. C here - somebody really should get Mother Nature up to speed! Soooo, we were going to go to Lighthouse Park on Saturday, but it started hailing which turned to rain, so I filed that outing away for a more weather-friendly day. … Continue reading A Day Off: A Good Book, A Good Movie, A Good Dinner

A Dining Room Cabinet Vignette – LOVE!

Hello Bloggie friends! We finally had some sun this weekend - no more snow! Yay! The top of this cabinet seemed to be a place to store empty bottles that didn't have a home yet The plant was originally on the Mantle, but my cat developed a fatal attraction for it, and knocked it off … Continue reading A Dining Room Cabinet Vignette – LOVE!

4 Storage Solutions for Small Entryways

Hi friends! I have a¬†really tiny entry way - really tiny.   I'm always interested in how other people deal with their small entryway storage, so I searched around the internet and came across these solutions found on USE THE WALL Make use of the space on an entry way wall, freeing up space … Continue reading 4 Storage Solutions for Small Entryways