Furniture Makeover Part I & Bathroom re-organization

Hello lovely readers. This weekend we finally got around to starting our furniture painting/repainting projects - and there are quite a few. We want more of a beach house look now that we live in, well, a beach house. Just over a year ago, we bought two kitchen islands from Ikea (love that store). As … Continue reading Furniture Makeover Part I & Bathroom re-organization

Sometimes It’s the Little Things – New Projects, Pantry Re-organization & Coffee Table-scapes

Coffee Tablescape

Hello friends. Yesterday, I had the most lovely Sunday that I've had in a long time. No over-ambitious meal prep for the week (well, I made my lunches, but that was it!), no rushing around trying to squeeze a week's worth of housework into 2 hours, just a "it'll get done when it gets done" attitude … Continue reading Sometimes It’s the Little Things – New Projects, Pantry Re-organization & Coffee Table-scapes

A Little Bit More Organization and a Fridge Clean Out

I know I've said it before, but organizing never really ends, does it? Just when I think I have it all figured out ... I never really do. I was doing a bit of a mini spring clean in my kitchen last weekend and saw a few things I could improve upon. The cupboard under … Continue reading A Little Bit More Organization and a Fridge Clean Out

Small Space Re-organizing

Hi everyone. I'm still not used to small-space living, but I'm getting the hang of it. I did some more tweaking a couple of weekends ago. Organizing is a never-ending process - you think you have it down and then the process of living gets in the way and, before long, it's a complete shambles … Continue reading Small Space Re-organizing

Small Space Solutions and Fall Decorating

Sit awhile

Hi Guys! Still trying to catch up from my bloggy glitch where I lost most of my content (grrrr).  As you may know, we moved from an 1,110 sq. ft. townhouse to a 650 sq. ft. beach cottage (you can read about that here), so it's a continuous process finding places to put everything where … Continue reading Small Space Solutions and Fall Decorating

How I Organized My Closet

Hi everyone. Our bedroom closet was starting to become messy again. With Spring just around the corner (I hope somebody tells Mother Nature soon), I thought today would be a good day to do some reorganization. Uugh - you see what I mean, right? The only thing I bought for this project was a shoe rack. … Continue reading How I Organized My Closet

How To Organize Every Room in Your House

Hello everyone, I'm so glad you're here. I love to organize and, if you're on this page, I bet you do too. Or, you want to be more organized! Nothing feels better than a beautiful, organized and functional space. When you feel like everything is unorganized, I know it can be very overwhelming to try … Continue reading How To Organize Every Room in Your House

Ikea Hack! New Pantry Makeover

Hi everyone! We've been planning out Pantry makeover for a few weeks now and I'm excited to say that we finally got it done this weekend! I found the inspiration for this at Apartment Therapy and wanted to do something similar This is what the original pantry cupboard looked like Not very interesting. Hubby wasn't … Continue reading Ikea Hack! New Pantry Makeover

40 Ways to Stay Organized

I hear the word "Organize" all over the place these days. Homes are getting smaller and space is limited. When we downsized from a 1,200 square foot, 3 bedroom house, to a small, 2 bedroom cottage, I was amazed at how much "stuff" we had that we never really used. Once we had decluttered everything, … Continue reading 40 Ways to Stay Organized

Powder Room/Laundry Room Reorganization

Hello everyone. We live in a small townhouse, so I'm always looking for ways to optimize our space while making it functional and pleasing to the eye also. We have a powder room on the first floor that doubles as a laundry room. It didn't seem that long ago that I organized and decluttered this space … Continue reading Powder Room/Laundry Room Reorganization