Hello! We finally had a break in the rain and so we took ourselves off to my favourite fishing village – Steveston. They film Once Upon A Time here and you can watch them do that if that’s what you like to do.

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Steveston is mainly a tourist attraction, but it’s also a great place to buy cheap fish and shellfish right off the boats, freshly caught the night before. They also have some great restaurants, and you can relax at Garry Point or take a walk along the Dyke.

We go there for all of the above.

Steveston was originally a Salmon cannery and, although the cannery is no longer operational, you can still visit it and take a look around. If you’re interested in the history of Steveston, you can read about it here.

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We bought some enormous prawns for our supper


You can have lunch (or dinner) at one of the many restaurants along the boardwalk. They are mainly seafood restaurants along here

or there are more dotted around the village. There’s something for everyone – Italian, Mexican … and so on.

And then you can sit on one of the benches and watch the ducks swim by

It’s a quaint little village full of second-hand furniture stores, antique shops, a craft shop where I buy my fabric paint, coffee shops, ice-cream (mmmm gelato), fishing supply stores and many more. My favourite shop is the garden centre. Not only does it sell wonderful flowers, herbs and more, but it’s also full of all kinds of unique things for your home – things you don’t really find anywhere else.

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Image result for images of steveston village

Image result for images of steveston village

And so we bought an ice cream and a bag of freshly-baked mini doughnuts and began our walk along the trail towards the Dyke.

Steveston Dyke4

Our first stop – Scotch Pond – so pretty with the fishing boats nestled in between the flowers. I’ve been to Garry Point in Steveston so many times and have never come across this little hidden gem.

Stevenston, Scotch Cover

Scotch Cove, Steveston

Steveston, Scotch Cove4

Steveston, Scotch Cove8

Steveston, Scotch Cove7

This building used to house the Scottish-Canadian Cannery workers in the late 1800’s. It’s now managed and maintained as a traditional fishing boat moorage. It looked so peaceful, I could almost imagine myself living on a barge here. Aah, the life of a daydreamer!

The trail took us passed the Japanese Garden created in honour of the Japanese carpenters who built boats here in about 1925.

Japanese Garden at Steveston5

Stevenston Japanese Garden3

Steveston Japanese Garden4

I spent a few minutes contemplating my life in this peaceful place and felt my troubles starting to melt away.


And then on to the Dyke with man-made on one side
Steveston Dyke6
Steveston Dyke7
Steveston Dyke Ducks
and nature made on the other
Steveston Dyke5
Steveston Dyke9
We ended our walk with a little rest under the trees at Garry Point. Oh so very relaxing.
Garry Point-Aug. 2014
Garry Point is a wonderful area you go if you want to have a picnic, throw a ball or frisby with your friends or children, fly a kite or just sit on the beach and relax. We stood and watched a man fly two kites so skillfully as to make them look like two birds
Beach - KIte at Garry Point
Beach - Kite2 at Garry Point
Beach - Kite3 at Garry Point
Beautiful, yes?
And then we just sat for a while and enjoyed the view
Garry Point - Aug 2014
Garry point Aug 2014
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In July, on Canada Day (July 1st), they have a Salmon Festival at Garry Point, and in the evening – fireworks. Well worth it. But that’s for another blog post.
We ended the day with drinks on the boardwalk watching the sun go down – a perfect end to a perfect day.
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Places to Visit in Vancouver, BC: Steveston Fishing Village
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