Vegetarian Cooking - week 2

Hello everyone. I know …. this post is very late – it’s been pretty hectic around here lately. To read the first post on this journey, click here.

The good news is – I lost 1 pound last week. Yay! And hubby’s blood pressure is down a couple of points, so that’s good. There were a couple of days where it wasn’t possible to stick to my menu as we went out this weekend and food was provided. I discovered, much to my horror, that eggs make my skin condition flare up. I luuuurve eggs with every fibre of my being :(. So, I guess that’s off the menu. We also saved quite a bit of money on our grocery bill. My previous mostly-meat menu had us spending between $600 – 700 a month – just for the two of us! Yikes! This last grocery bill for two weeks, came to approximately $250.00. I’m hoping to save much more this time. I’ll keep you posted on that.


The smoothies I had for breakfast every day kept me full until lunch time, but when we became a little peckish in the afternoon, we made a wonderful lemony hummus from The Looney Spoons Collection and used toasted flat bread pieces as “chips.” And I also munched on barbecue peanuts (love!).


For lunch we either had leftovers from supper, or fresh salads. It’s so much cheaper doing it this way.


I also have a horrible sweet tooth. My “cryptonite” is chocolate ice-cream. But not just any old chocolate ice-cream – it has to have just the right texture and creamy-ness – talk about being fussy! I almost did a happy dance in the supermarket when I found So Delicious Coconut-Coco ice cream in the natural food aisle. It has a slight coconut taste over the chocolate, but it’s creamy and delicious and dairy-free! They also have a cookie dough flavour for hubby.


It was the first time that we had tried 3 of the recipes on my meal plan. The Sundried Tomato Carbonara from Thug Kitchen 101, was to die for. I honestly didn’t expect it to taste that good. Hubby loved it so much, he went back for seconds and then requested that I cook it later on in the week as well.

Sundried tomato carbonara

We also loved the Mediterranean Roasted Tomato “Nachos.” Even though we had them as a light supper, they will also make an excellent appy for any occasion, but especially on game nights.

Mediterranean Roasted Tomato Nachos

And last, but definitely not least, the Za’atar Garlic Salmon was a keeper!


Here’s this week’s meal plan:

Monday – Balsamic Roasted Veggie Pasta from Skinny Taste

Tuesday – Roasted Spanish Mackerel from The Mediterranean Dish

Wednesday – French Crushed Chickpea Salad on a baguette from Thug Kitchen 101

ThursdaySundried Tomato Carbonara from Thug Kitchen 101


Saturday – Out at friends – taking this amazing Mediterranean Potato Salad from The Mediterranean Dish

Sunday  – Zucchini Rollatini from Skinny Taste


Enjoy! See you on Monday for the next update.



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My Journey into Vegetarian (almost) Cooking and Raw Food Diet : Week 2

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