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Hello everyone! I have a tiny kitchen (I may have mentioned this fact several times before!), and so I’m always looking for ways to optimize my space. We use a lot of plastic containers – for lunches, leftovers, freezer meals… Currently, my container cupboard looks like this

tupperware cupboard

Which looks okaaaay because I just tidied it up yesterday. But you can see in the next photo that some of the lids have made their way out of their respective containers and into the back of the cupboard

tupperware lids

I don’t usually like to advocate buying things just to get organized (I’d rather spend my money on something fun – like wood stain to revamp my dining room table 🙂 (coming to the blog in the next few days).

However, there’s one product that caught my eye recently.  A StoraStack Food Container Storage Organizer.

It’s part pegboard and part file folder holder.

You simply put it in a drawer (or a cabinet) and pull out the expanding arm, which helps to secure the whole thing in place. Then, decide which containers will go where and add the clips to the pegboard to create little dividers. Pile your containers in and then line up the lids between the ridges. Everything stays neatly stacked and the lids stand upright, so you can easily see what you’ve got.

The organizer holds 12 plastic containers and their matching lids. And it works with most major brands – Rubbermaid, Ziploc, Glad, and even Target’s containers. You may be thinking that 12 containers isn’t that many (you may have 30!), but you really don’t want to stack more than a dozen together because then it becomes an unstable tower.

Of course, if you don’t want to spend the money on a special organizer (I’m still thinking about it myself), here are some other ways for taming your plastic container cabinet (or drawer).


You can use a Dish Rack to file your lids inside your cabinet.

drying rack


Divide up your drawers so that there’s a place for each size.


divvy up you drawers so that there’s a place for each size.


You can use cereal boxes with the tops and one side cut off to file your lids away.

cereal boxes


One of the easiest ways to organize anything in your home is to sort and store like items in bins (I’m liking this idea). It only requires a little upkeep (now you’re talking) to stay organized and you can get them at my favourite store – the dollar store!




You might be used to seeing these wire drawers in the bathroom, but they can be put to good use in the kitchen as well.

wire baskets

I hope that you managed to find a solution for your plastic containers.



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Neat and Easy Ways to Store Your Plastic Containers

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