My (Almost) Vegetarian Life and, at last – weight loss!

Hello all! I am excited to say that I lost 6.5 lbs last week! Just from switching a few things around and finding alternative snacks. To recap, click here I won't say that I didn't struggle a bit in the beginning, because I did. It's tricky in the beginning to change the habits of a … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life and, at last – weight loss!

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate & Mulled Wine

Hi Guys. Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good holiday and are all getting back to normal. I'm sure glad we are. I love the holidays, but it's quite exhausting. We had a very chocolate Christmas. I picked up some ideas from Jamie Oliver and made this lovely, lacy chocolate It was so … Continue reading Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate & Mulled Wine

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Hi guys, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Ours was filled with lots of chocolate and other yummy things. Of course, I put back on the 4 lbs that I lost, but now that things are back to normal, I have really started to get serious about losing weight while … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

My (almost) Vegetarian Life

My (Almost) vegetarian life

Hi Guys! It's been two weeks since my last post on this. Time is just flying by. I've been busying trying to get my house ready for Christmas - just finished off a batch of Christmas jam yesterday. You can read about that here. I lost 2 lbs last week, but fell off the wagon … Continue reading My (almost) Vegetarian Life

Christmas Decorations and Christmas Jam

Hi Guys! Well, I got round to putting up the Christmas tree last weekend, and then made some little tweaks during the week. The first thing was to make a simple wreath and decorate my porch a little. We have lots of fir trees surrounding our house, so I cut a few fronds, grabbed a … Continue reading Christmas Decorations and Christmas Jam

Small Space Solutions and Fall Decorating

Sit awhile

Hi Guys! Still trying to catch up from my bloggy glitch where I lost most of my content (grrrr).  As you may know, we moved from an 1,110 sq. ft. townhouse to a 650 sq. ft. beach cottage (you can read about that here), so it's a continuous process finding places to put everything where … Continue reading Small Space Solutions and Fall Decorating

Coast Life: Moving to the Sunshine Coast

HellOooo. Well, I had this post on here in September, but I recently had a bloggy glitch and I lost a lot of my content! September was an exciting month! It was the month that we made a bold move from bustling Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver, to a sleepy coastal area known as the … Continue reading Coast Life: Moving to the Sunshine Coast

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

vegetarian life

Hello everyone. It's been a few weeks! I've had some computer problems and a lot of my content disappeared. Grrrr! All that work gone 😦 A QUICK RECAP I used to be a huge meat lover. I was raised in an era where meat and potatoes was the dinner norm and snacks were sugary and … Continue reading My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Ikea Hack: Patio Dining Set Makeover – Beachy, Greek Island Look

  Hello everyone! Spring has been slow to arrive here in Vancouver ... and she still seems to be having a bit of a problem, but we are at least getting sunshine every other day (or so), which is nothing to sneeze at. It means that we can spend more and more time in our very-small-mostly-deck … Continue reading Ikea Hack: Patio Dining Set Makeover – Beachy, Greek Island Look

An Epic African Road Trip: Zambia to Uganda and Back in Classic Cars

Hi everyone! I’m so excited about this post. I was born and raised in Africa (Zimbabwe, to be exact), and moved to Canada in 1998. A few friends and family still live there and one of them, another Jane, and a group of fellow travelers, recently completed a road trip from Zambia’s capital city, Lusaka, … Continue reading An Epic African Road Trip: Zambia to Uganda and Back in Classic Cars