Water Wednesday! What is Kangen Water Ionzier?

Happy Wednesday everyone! A few months ago, I invested in a Kangen Water Machine mainly because I wanted clean and healthy water that didn’t involve plastic bottles. I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint and create conscious and sustainable living. What I wasn’t aware of, is that the Kangen water machine can also create a … More Water Wednesday! What is Kangen Water Ionzier?

Loving Yourself

In loving ourselves, we love the world. For just as fire, rock and water are all made up of molecules, everything, including you and me, is connected by the small piece of the beginning. Yet, how to we love ourselves? It is as difficult at times as seeing the back of your head. I have … More Loving Yourself

There is Only NOW

There is a Buddhist tenet that asks us to be aware of how rare it is to find ourselves in human form on Earth. This is a really beautiful view of life that gives us the chance to feel enormous appreciation for the fact that we are here as individual spirits filled with consciousness, doing … More There is Only NOW