April in Our Garden – New Buds and Junk Clean up

Wild flowers

Hello everyone. I hope the weather's getting warmer where you are. March looked promising with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, and then it all seemed to go downhill in April with rain and chilly temperatures. I haven't been able to do very much in our garden at all. Although, now we're probably not going … Continue reading April in Our Garden – New Buds and Junk Clean up

September in Our Garden


Even though Summer's almost over, it's not over for our little vegetable garden. The Nasturtiums are just beginning and our (free) tomatoes just keep getting bigger and bigger and more abundant unlike the poor old tomato plant we bought at the nursery, which has only produced 3 tomatoes so far from this huge plant. Not … Continue reading September in Our Garden

June in Our Garden

It's only been 2 weeks since we planted our vegetable garden, (to read more about that, click here.) and already everything has just shot up. The garden now looks like this from this The potatoes are growing like weeds and I've been planting store-bought butter lettuces in between the potatoes which are growing beautifully. We've … Continue reading June in Our Garden