Three Small Space Solutions

Hello! It’s Friday and it’s looking like it’s going to be a beautiful day to spend exploring beautiful coastal Vancouver for my Good Life Saturdays post.

I have a tiny kitchen. I know, I know – you’ve heard that before! One of the things that was becoming a big problem for me was where to store our bread. Currently there are 4 1/2 of us living here (the half being my 18-month old grandson 🙂 ), and so a regular sized bread bin was not big enough to house a couple of loaves of bread and some buns (or other treats). Besides, there’s just not enough space on my kitchen counter for a huge bread bin. I thought that putting them in a basket was a good idea, but it all just ended up overflowing onto the kitchen counter, or some of the bread being squashed by the other loaf – not a pretty sight!

Small Space Solutions-Bread

And then I saw this on Apartment Therapy (I think), and asked Hubby if he could do something similar in our kitchen.

Bread Bin Solution


Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a wire container like the one in the picture, so he built me a little shelf underneath one of the kitchen cupboards.

First he installed a bracket to hold the shelf in place

Small Space Solutions-bread

And then cut the wood to size

Small Space Solutions-bread

Stained it … and …

Small Space Solutions-bread

MUCH better! I now have way more counter space.


While I was on a roll, I updated all my spice jars. I’m still looking for the perfect spice rack (perfect for me, that is), but, alas, have had no luck. Nothing that won’t take up more space in my tiny (did I mention that already?) kitchen. So I thought I would at least make the existing one look as good as it can look. This is what it looked like before

Spice Rack - Before

 As you can see, random, mismatched bottles. A trip to … you guessed it … the dollar store, solved that problem

Spice Jars

Now it all matches!

Organized Spice Rack

love it!

Spice Rack-before & after

While I was at the dollar store … (I always seem to buy something else there) I spotted the perfect sized bottles for my condiments. These ones were too tall for my pantry shelves

Condiment bottles

But these … these were just right size (sounds like line from Goldilocks and the Three Bears 🙂 )

Small Space Solutions-condiment bottles

I bought three, labelled and filled them

Small Space Solutions-condiment bottles

and they fit perfectly into my pantry!

dollar store condiment bottles

For more solutions like this, click here

Please leave a comment – I’d love to hear about your small space solutions!! And don’t forget to check out my Resources page.

Have a great weekend!


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Three Small Space Solutions: Solving the Bread Dilemma, New Spice Jars and Bottles for Condiments

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