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love entertaining, but I don’t love spending all my time getting drinks for my guests instead of enjoying their company and the party. Here are some easy bartending tips to help you enjoy yourself at your own party whilst also ensuring your guests having everything they need.

Your Guide to Party BartendingBUILD A DIY STATION

Don’t feel obligated to stock a full bar of liquor or make drinks to order. Put out standby spirits like vodka and gin with basic mixers – club soda, ginger ale, tonic – and garnishes – slices of lemon, limes, oranges – and let guests whip up their own cocktails.


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Your Guide to Party Bartending



You’ll need lighter drinks, too. Greek whites pair well with summer food. For beer, choose a variety with an alcohol content of 4 to 5 percent – it’ll quench thirst and is good for day drinking. Add a bucket of trendy canned sparkling wines – no glasses to clean!

For more tips on wine pairing, click here

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Your Guide to Party BartendingKEEP TOOLS IN CLEAR VIEW

Help your guests to help themselves by having these: a wine opener, a bottle opener, straws, a strainer, a shaker, a bar spoon, a jigger, beverage napkins, an ice bucket with scoop, a bar towel for the inevitable spill and a nearby garbage can. Plastic cups are also good for casual gatherings.

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Your Guide to Party BartendingSERVE A PRETTY PUNCH

Use this ratio to get it right: one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak. For a simple rum punch, that would be one part lime juice, two parts simple syrup, three parts rum and four parts water.

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Your Guide to Party BartendingBATCH YOUR DRINKS

Excuse yourself from bar duty with make-ahead, big-batch drinks like margaritas, negronis and sangria. For simplest batching, change the ounce amount in your cocktails to cups to increase the servings from one to eight.

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Your Guide To Party Bartending
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